Be the architect of your life

I work with a limited number of adults, typically women at a crossroads of their life. Often with a focus on a career or empty nest transition, many of my clients are ready for a change, but don’t quite know what that looks like or maybe even what they want.

What do you want to grow, shift, change or create?

What do you want to do, be and have?

Let’s figure it out

Here’s how we’ll make it happen:

1st step – Build the Foundation

Design your future on a strong platform of self-knowledge. You’ll develop an understanding of what is important to you and your own unique strengths so you can include more of each in the design of your new career or life.

Discover and integrate your Values

Understand and develop your natural talents

Appreciate your Interests and Passions

2nd step – Create your Vision

Next you’ll develop clarity around what you want (and don’t want).   You’ll consider what’s working in your world, what’s not and what you want it to be.

Create your Vision

Develop your Mission

Define your Future

3rd step – Plan for Success

Once you’re clear on what you want, we’ll develop the roadmap of how to get from here to there.

Set your Goals

Understand and overcome obstacles

Design next steps

Step into Action

4th step – Sustain & Support

Finally, you’ll learn strategies, tools and techniques for overcoming obstacles and maintaining momentum.

Develop an Empowering Perspective

Learn to Bust Limiting Beliefs

Build your Inside Team

Align your support

I provide the scaffolding of structure, accountability and awareness

I help you see things you can’t

Reflect back to you blind spots, beliefs and behaviors that you may not even be aware of

And that might be holding you back

Support you

And help you celebrate!

Your focus can be on the professional side of your life,

your personal hopes and dreams

or both

Ready to get started?

Let’s go!

Here’s how we can work together:

Jump Start Day: 1-on-1 Coaching with Gina

Spark the design of your new life with an entire day dedicated to you and your future!

I’ll send you my list of Quantum Questions and two assessments to complete prior to your Day. That way we can hit the ground running.

During our day together:

We’ll start your day with a Discovery Session designed to help us both get clear on what you want to achieve. Focus on a new career? Got it! Designing a new life in anticipation of the day you drop your youngest child off at college? Fabulous!

We’ll build your foundation, create your vision and design your plan for success.

You’ll end the day with clarity about what you want and how to get there

Investment: $1750

Personal Program: 1-on-1 Coaching with Gina

A program designed to help you learn, think and consider the design of your new life or career over the course of several months.

  • You’ll start with my list of Quantum Questions so we can hit the ground running and with clarity.
  • We meet once a week or every other week, with you thinking, processing and moving forward in between our sessions.
  • I invite you to connect between sessions if you need a sounding board, have a problem or want to share a success with me and rely on that to strengthen and deepen our coaching relationship.
  • At the end of the ten sessions (3-5 months), we’ll evaluate just how far you’ve come and proceed as you wish. Perhaps you have attained your goal. Maybe you want to keep going to maintain momentum, deepen your focus or consider on another area of your life, in which case a Booster Pack of five sessions might do the trick!

Investment: $1500 for 10 Sessions

Booster Pack: 1-on-1 coaching with Gina

Continue your coaching when you need and want it.

Investment: $675 for 5 sessions